Resources and Fee Structure

Learn More About Starcom21 Digital Radios And Accessories

STARCOM21 equipment includes Motorola Solutions's field-proven and mission-critical portable and mobile radios. For detailed information on our radios and accessories, please visit the Motorola Solutions website. In addition to specific radio and accessory information, you'll also find links to a wide range of Motorola information resources including technical specifications, white papers, brochure, case studies and webcasts.

Fee Structure FAQs

Other Links

Other useful links that offer additional information about Illinois' statewide communications include:

Managed NOC

STARCOM Dedicated Number
  • Option 9 – System or Service Emergencies
  • Option 1 – Add/Change/Delete Subscriber Requests
  • Option 2 – Vendor or Payment Inquiries
  • Option 3 – Invoice or Billing Inquiries
  • Option 7 – Return Authorization (RA)
  • Option 0 – For ALL Other Support

ALL requests and service issues will be handled through the new number and phone tree or you can email to:

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