Starcom21 Guarantees Coverage, Performance, Reliability And Support

The benefits of joining STARCOM21 are many. Our shared network approach relieves you of the hassles and expense of purchasing, deploying, maintaining and operating your own communications system. Your community is able to focus less on the technology itself and more on using it to deliver the high quality service your constituents deserve.

Turnkey Solution

Motorola leverages our more than 80 years of wireless technology leadership and innovation—and our long-standing partnerships with mission-critical agencies—to deliver a complete turnkey solution. STARCOM21 membership provides high-level service guarantees that include statewide coverage, system reliability, continuous availability, regularly upgraded equipment, network and technology maintenance and support.

STARCOM21 benefits include:

Managed Network

STARCOM21 is a managed solution with enhanced levels of services that allow you to focus, not on how the communications network works or on keeping it running, but on your core competencies of delivering constituent services.


STARCOM21 has been designed to prevent equipment failures from affecting system performance. Individual system components are either fault tolerant or designed for redundancy, ensuring that communications will be continuous, most importantly in mission-critical emergency situations.


STARCOM21 communities have real-time communications with each department, enabling life-saving coordination of operations and emergency response. They can also communicate and coordinate with neighboring agencies for support and response assistance without having to worry about technology compatibility.

Statewide Coverage

The STARCOM21 network provides coverage to more than 95 percent of Illinois, including exceptional coverage in the greater Chicago area. Roaming is seamless, with users able to go anywhere and talk to anyone, no matter where they are in the state. STARCOM21 also provides portable in-building coverage in the Chicago metro area and major cities across the state.

Advanced Features

Text messaging, Over the Air Programming, GPS Location, encryption are all supported on STARCOM21 to provide your users with the critical information they need in the moments that matter.


STARCOM21 provides an immediate, affordable means of providing the public safety and public service solutions every municipality, county and government agency in Illinois needs. By sharing a common statewide infrastructure with other agencies, you avoid millions of dollars in network implementation costs and pay only a monthly service fee. Deployment costs are minimal, and as a STARCOM21 member, you can take advantage of pre-negotiated contracts to purchase radios and other equipment you may need at significantly lower prices.

Local Control

Becoming a STARCOM21 member doesn't mean your control over your system will be compromised. The system is designed to encompass separate talk groups so each user agency is assured of local control and total security. How you want to administer and operate your services is entirely up to you. Motorola will also work closely with each subscriber to ensure the system will meet your agency's specialized communication needs.

Spectrum Efficiency

Because radio frequency spectrum is a valuable and limited resource, Motorola has designed the STARCOM21 system's frequency plan to maximum advantage of the 700 and 800 MHz frequencies available to public safety agencies.

Consistent Audio Quality

STARCOM21 uses Motorola ASTRO 25 digital two-way radios that consistently deliver exceptional signal integrity for clear, easy-to-understand audio, even at the edges of your coverage area.

Flexible Migration

A critical component of STARCOM21 is technological flexibility, with the goal of eliminating a situation in which mission-critical performance is lessened due to aging communications technology. The system includes continuous technology upgrades and a planned migration path for incorporating future technological advances.

Advanced Security

STARCOM21 is designed to provide the communications privacy and security capabilities needed by public safety agencies through the use of enhanced encryption technologies.

Round-the-Clock Support

Motorola's radio expertise leverages our network and equipment knowledge and leadership to provide 24x7, 365-day support to ensure mission-critical availability.

Managed NOC

STARCOM Dedicated Number
  • Option 9 – System or Service Emergencies
  • Option 1 – Add/Change/Delete Subscriber Requests
  • Option 2 – Vendor or Payment Inquiries
  • Option 3 – Invoice or Billing Inquiries
  • Option 7 – Return Authorization (RA)
  • Option 0 – For ALL Other Support

ALL requests and service issues will be handled through the new number and phone tree or you can email to:

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