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STARCOM21 is the official statewide public safety radio network of Illinois.

STARCOM21 is a Project  25 compliant 700/800 MHz IP based radio system with over 270 radio tower sites across the state.  More than 43,000 subscribers — from public safety agencies to municipalities and counties to universities — enjoy highly reliable high-speed mobile connectivity in every corner of the state… for a fraction of the cost of building individual networks.

The STARCOM21 network is founded on Motorola's 80 years of partnership with public safety professionals. With our extensive knowledge and expertise of first responder challenges, we provide the industry's most innovative, most trusted mission critical core platform.

We'd like to invite you to learn more about STARCOM21 and to ask you to join the official State of Illinois interoperable radio network. It's productive, it's efficient, it's secure, it's cost-effective and it's easy to join. We even have a no-cost trial program.

Starcom21 is About Safety, Security, Services, Savings And Simplicity

Whether your community or organization is large or small, communication and information networks and technologies are the keys to enhancing quality of life. The ability to communicate and share knowledge in both day-to-day operations and emergency situations is crucial. But that ability is neither easy nor inexpensive to obtain.

Today's fiscal challenges are making it harder to implement the advanced two-way and wireless communications systems your agency needs to provide residents with the services they need and want. Many communities are forced to rely on aging, incompatible communications systems that have not kept pace with rapidly changing and improving technology.

But in Illinois, you have a simple, cost-effective connectivity option. You can solve your communications challenges by joining STARCOM21.

Managed NOC

STARCOM Dedicated Number
  • Option 9 – System or Service Emergencies
  • Option 1 – Add/Change/Delete Subscriber Requests
  • Option 2 – Vendor or Payment Inquiries
  • Option 3 – Invoice or Billing Inquiries
  • Option 7 – Return Authorization (RA)
  • Option 0 – For ALL Other Support

ALL requests and service issues will be handled through the new number and phone tree or you can email to:

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